Shadei Williams

Author. Entrepreneur. Inspiration.

Life constantly throws challenges our way that are unique and difficult. As an author, I, Shadei Williams, seek to connect with others through telling my story. In my books, you'll find the story of my early life in New York, my journey with cerebral palsy and the details of what came after.

My journey has led me to accept these things that I cannot change and learn how to overcome the daily challenges I face. As you go on this journey with me, my hope is that you can glean how to approach the challenges on your unique path.

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How can you connect with me?

If you want to stay in the loop and connect with me, there are many avenues to explore. You can:

  • Check the events page to see what I have coming up
  • Tune in to my podcast to get updates directly from me
  • Crack open one of my books to learn more about my experiences

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Get to know the author behind the story

Growing up, I always had a notebook in hand and a million ideas in my head. Writing was a pastime I enjoyed that quickly flourished into a passion. As tragedy impacted my life, I turned to writing as a way to respond to the emotions I was feeling.

I never set out to write a book about my experiences, but "I Have This. This Doesn't Have Me" grew naturally out of this habit. For my second work, I challenged myself to write for a younger audience and make my story accessible to people of all ages.

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